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    Colaboration with SURO

    What sets us apart is the wide variety of glazes and colors that we offer thanks to our partnership with SURO ceramics. Our goal is to give our clients the creative freedom so that each project becomes a unique expression of style and personality. From vibrant metallic hues to subtle, sophisticated hues, we have the perfect palette to bring any architectural vision to life.

  • José Noe Suro, ceramics businessman. He grew up with the influence of the family workshop with more than 50 years of experience in high-temperature ceramics, tiles, art, among other things, he directs this multidisciplinary meeting point where artisan and industrial technology coexist in perfect harmony together with the vision of designers and other artists.


    With that design philosophy in mind, José Noe Suro has collaborated on pieces that include objects such as tableware, enamels in unique shades, large pieces of art, murals, and a project of handmade clay tiles tiles.mx with a technique ancestral artisanal, in which he has been working for a couple of years hand in hand with Cristobal Gurría and the community of San José de Gracia Michocán "Ananas".


    Join us on this innovative journey and discover a world of creative possibilities with our handcrafted architectural coatings!�