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    "Tiles.mx, our innovative architectural

    coatings project!


    Introducing a fascinating fusion
    Between the artisanal tradition of Michoacán's clay pineapples and the beauty of over 500 years of hand-decorated tiles in the world."



    Explore our online catalog and discover how our architectural coatings can transform any environment into a visual masterpiece. We invite you to immerse yourself in the richness of Mexican craftsmanship and experience the magic of traditional pineapple finishes in a new contemporary way.

  • What we do

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    Mold Tile


    "The squeeze tile mosaics are initially carved in wood with the intended design, size, and shape.

    Subsequently, a plaster mold is created to achieve the same size, decoration, and shape as the tile.

    Then, the perfect clay mixture is made to create a paste in the form of a tortilla, which is then placed inside the mold.

    Carefully, the decorated tortilla is removed from the mold.

    Finally, hand adjustments are made to achieve the desired quality."

    This passage describes the process of creating the "Azulejo de molde de apretón," which involves using a squeeze mold technique to make handcrafted, artistic tiles

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    Gumpaste Tile

    Hand decorated Tile

    "Green woods are obtained from the environment to be cut to the desired size, and a 4-space mold is created.


    By mixing four different types of earth, the perfect blend is achieved to pour into the mold in the shape of a box.


    The tiles are left to air-dry on the floor for 24 to 48 hours, allowing the clay to undergo a slow drying process.


    Carefully, small clay molds are created and hand-decorated to form small figures called 'pastillaje,' which will be used to decorate the clay tiles.


    The tiles are then left to dry in the shade and subsequently in the sun for 7 to 10 days before being fired in the kiln.


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